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Diy Decor - Great Ideas To Decorate Your Room

Hi everyone, today i will show you some room diy decor ideas (Floral Decoration & Perfume Tray), it's also very affordable , Most of the things mentioned in the subject are things Used by.

We start with the Floral Decoration.

Diy Decor

What You Need !!
- first thing you need  some water bubbles (You can use water bubbles used by).
- next, you need a container or base to put everything, You can use one medium, as in the picture.
- then, you need to some food coloring, any color other choice , Recommend to use the color red or the color of his asymptotic.
- You're also need a some flowers, you can choose real flowers. (here I just chose fake flowers).
- And lastly you need a scissors.

Diy Decor

First you want to add water bubbles in your container, then add a few drops of the food coloring to the water bubbles about malls. Next, mix it all up to make sure all the water bubbles the food coloring  of same color, then add to it a little bit of water, to give a beautiful look.
Now have the flowers, we measured it, to get correct measurements
Then cut off the extra plastic, and then  just repeat this process for all the flowers
Then,  fold at the bottom of each flower, for trying to help it stand at container and looks a lot nicer.
And then , you have the final product, and this is the finished Floral Decoration.

Perfume tray.

Perfume Tray is really cute and very simpl.

Diy Decor

What You Need !!!

- You need to silver tray or plate, You can use one use.
- Also you need a candlestick holder this is also from the dollar stor.
- And last you just need glue, In order to be affixed Candlestick with Plat.

Diy Decor

Now you simply just going to add a layer of glue to the top of your candlestick holde.
Then you place the candlestick holder in the middle of the plate, make sure you put in the middle
Then let it dries well.
Now you just simply add in your favorite for cues and you all down with the new chic perfume trak.
Diy Decor

I hope you guys enjoy this diy decor, don't forget share this ideas with your friends, And I will see you guys in my next topic.
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