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Diy Wall Art

Hi everyone !! Today we will apply a brilliant idea on the wall of the bedroom .
A step by step , To decorate your wall with butterflies easy, fast and spectacular...
Take your time and Focused with me on this Bathroom Wall Decor  , and The result will be Amazing , you can add your touches on this diy wall art idea . So , let’s start ...

diy wall art

Waht you need :

 Card - Scissors - Blu Tack - Pencil - Ruler 

Dirstly , draw a butterfly shape onto a piece of card , & cut it out , this will be your template.

Draw around your template onto another piece of card to make a similar looking butterfly ,
And cut it out .

diy wall art

Now fold up the wings to create a 3d effect .

Repeat until you have  butterflies as you want .

Put blue tack on the back of all the butterflies.

Now you can arrange them on your wall how you want .

diy wall art

And then you have a finished product diy wall art

I hope you find this simple  idea helpful and it inspires you to create something for your room.

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